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Mentor Coaching Group Registration

Mentor Coaching Group 
September 8 - October 20

Designed for Coaches who want to increase their confidence with the coaching conversation and are:

  • Renewing or Applying for their ACC or PCC credential with ICF

  • Need the required hours of mentoring

  • Desire to strengthen their coaching skills


Benefits :

  • Earn 7 Mentor Coaching hours 

  • Grow in your confidence as a powerful coach

  • Receive feedback in an intimate setting

  • Learn to listen deeper and ask powerful questions


Every Wednesday from September 8 - October 20

4pm-5:15pm PST / 7pm-8:15pm EST


I'm ready to increase my coaching confidence and comfort level, deliver impactful coaching sessions, and practice my skills in a safe environment where I can also receive constructive feedback! 
I am ready to grasp a deeper understanding of the behavior and skills that demonstrates and connects to each competency. 
I am ready to be in a learning environment where coaching occurs, feedback is given, and the ability to listen and learn so I may integrate it in my coaching.






What other's had to say: 

"The most valuable take aways for me were
1) Really understanding the importance of a clear and focused coaching agreement. And how to create one.
2) The value of asking open ended powerful questions.
3) The importance of creating sacred space for the coachee to enter into the session wholeheartedly.
4) The value of giving client time to pause after making a significant discovery ÁHA!!!
5) Asking for measurability of desired outcomes. Where do they stand at the beginning and where do they want to be at the end of the session. And then checking in just before the end so that the client can see the value of the session.
Lots of learning…
I love that you shared your resources with us… And that you taped our coaching and we could listen and learn from each session."


"Sheeba is the best. I originally enrolled in Sheeba's mentor group to obtain mentor hours for the ICF requirements. I soon realized that I would be getting so much more. 
Sheeba is masterful at guiding students in their coaching, using direct communication in a gentle, compassionate way. The first session was so valuable that I knew I wanted to take this course again- not for requirements this time, but for Sheeba's expertise. Plus it was fun! I highly recommend Sheeba as a mentor coach."

"Initially my only draw was that it was a requirement for the ICF ACC. 
While participating in the mentor group, I saw the value of practicing with peers, getting feedback from an experienced mentor coach and loved being coaches as well."

"I enjoyed the honest feedback, which was always provided with a smile. I was never made to feel judged or not part of the group. I learned that I am stronger than I thought and that I have what it takes to be a great coach. 
The mentor program allowed that insight to surface and blossom. I will say that my main value learned was to stop judging myself and allow who I am to shine."

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