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Sheeba Varghese Bio
Sheeba Varghese Bio





Sheeba is a catalyst for change.

Sheeba is a catalyst for change.   Her passion is reflected in providing leadership development to men and women who desire to bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day to becoming exceptional leaders who architect change, innovation and sustainable excellence.  She meets clients where they are, finding ways to customize engagements to best serve the presenting needs of each leader so they might grow in their response-AGILITY towards people and situations they find themselves in everyday. Her approach is grounded in deep listening, intuitive challenging, and the ability to see to the heart of an issue. Sheeba is a firm believer that “although our lives are a series of defining moments, it is not the moment that defines us, but how we choose to live in them.”

She brings more than 20 years of experience working with individuals to her coaching, including a background of more than seven years as a certified K-12 teacher. Sheeba’s clients include Emerging Leaders, Managers, Senior Directors, Vice Presidents and Partners seeking leadership excellence within their role and/or teams.  She supports her clients to cultivate a mindset that would maximize their impact which then has translated into laser focused priorities, increased productivity, collaborative teams, and thus an achievement of their goals.  She has worked with clients across a broad range of industries including technology, education, non-profits, health care, solopreneurs, financial services, janitorial services and the creative arts either through 1-1 personalized coaching or through leadership training within an onsite or video conference platform depending on the location of the client.

She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and was recently selected as Top Leadership Trainer of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her leadership and commitment to the industry.

Top IAOTP Leadership Trainer of the Year

Sheeba Varghese was recently voted Top Leadership Trainer of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals (IOATP).

“With over two decades of professional experience, Sheeba has certainly proven herself as an extraordinary leader. As a multifaceted Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach, she has demonstrated success within multiple industries that include education, financial services, technology and the creative arts to name a few.”

Top IAOTP Leadership Trainer of the Year
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"I can talk endlessly about Sheeba's coaching; she is a blessing, remarkable and moving. Sheeba is remarkable as she holds space for you to grow as a leader. She moves you to take the next level and asks just the right questions to ignite the beauty and fierceness in you to come out."

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