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Looking Ahead To 2023

It has been an interesting year for leadership. One thing is for sure, after facilitating many trainings and coaching sessions, I could feel and sense the stress that leaders found themselves handling. From the ever-complex, ambiguous, and changing dynamics in the workplace to the constant pressures from home and the demands placed on them from management, it was at times too much to handle and it took a toll on the emotional and physical well-being of many.

As we look into the leadership trends for 2023, here is what we might find:

The Rise of Ethical Leadership: After a turbulent past couple of years in the world, the appreciation for ethical leadership has really taken importance in the corporate world. People are more concerned with values than ever before. A leader who cares about morals and values will inspire confidence in employees and consumers. Trends that have surfaced in 2022 like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting have really highlighted the need for ethical leadership.

The Evolution of the Hybrid Leader During the covid-era, when so many people had to work from home, companies began to see that it's possible to adjust and allow employees to not only work in the office, but to also work from home. Many employees preferred the option to work from the comfort of home, and some businesses adjusted to allow this one or two times a week. Leaders have been forced to evolve and listen to their teams' wants and needs.

Increased Focus on Mental Health and Wellness With an uncertain world and a pandemic that people went through, the need to focus on mental health has been highlighted this year. The Great Resignation was fueled by chronic workplace stress and burnout. This created more people quitting their jobs, more sick days, and less productivity. A trend in 2023 that will come to the forefront is creating a workplace culture that supports mental health and wellness.

The Urgent Need For Leadership Development The urgent need for leadership development has really been highlighted in 2022. The workplace has become a complex place, and leaders are having to constantly adjust and face new challenges that arise. Organizations need to continuously develop and evolve.

I hope that this year you have learned a lot, and grown as a leader and as a person. As we look forward to 2023, I encourage you to set new goals for yourself and look for ways that you can grow personally and as a leader. I would be honored to be a part of that journey with you!


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