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Leadership Mindset: Victim or Opportunity

Whether you are in a new leadership position or have been managing a team for a long time now, there is one thing that remains constant: your mindset directly impacts your leadership.

Do you feel confident and capable as a leader?  When's the last time you reflected on the mindset you embrace as you lead yourself and others? Do you often see yourself as a victim to circumstances or do you take the time to search for the opportunities?

If you feel like your leadership could use a boost of new skills or just a quick update, read on for a few thoughts on how you can apply a mindset shift that will help you thrive in your leadership.

Don't get stuck in what has worked before.

This is the timeless trap of great leaders. The if-it-isn't-broken-don't-fix-it mentality, which sounds great, but in actuality leads to stagnant, stale routine rather than innovation. Be constantly open to new thoughts and ideas on how to approach situations or get things done in order to remain fresh and creative.

Continue learning. 

A great way to avoid being stuck, is to be continually looking for opportunities to grow as a leader; whether this means taking a class, attending a workshop, or reading a book on management styles or effective workplace strategies.  Being involved in networking communities can also help you continue to learn and grow.  Any of these approaches can help you maintain the mindset that there are good ideas out there waiting to be discovered which will help you pivot and grow.

Seek an external perspective. 

The best leaders try first to understand the point of view of their team members or clients rather than their own personal gain. This may seem noble and altruistic, but in essence it is ultimately the best way to connect, learn and relate to your staff because they will feel valued and appreciated, and the simplest way to keep clients happy and coming back for more. Which in turn benefits you as the leader to keep things running smoothly and serve in the benefit of those around you.

Take time to reflect. 

The busyness of our day will keep us on a continuous mode of work. Yet, sometimes, it is important to take a break and reflect on the thoughts we have when we are confronted with challenges. Is the default mindset to look at everything that going bad or do we take the time to search out the opportunities that are available to us?  Are we seeing ourselves as a victim to the situation or have we taking the time to reflect on our contribution. Where does our mind go to first?  

A leadership mindset comes from a place of creativity and resourcefulness. It allows you to see possibilities, opportunities, strengths and what is working. Having this mindset will reflect who you are as a leader and impact how you develop and maintain your team.

Be open to opportunities, be more collaborative, and demonstrate self-awareness as a role-model for you and your team. 


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