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Three Simple Ways to Show Appreciation

Appreciation is a an important positive management skill, and not as easily applied as you may think. There is a careful balance a leader must maintain to ensure that team members feel appreciated, but also stay motivated to be productive. Still, learning how to effectively demonstrate your gratitude to your staff can have a huge positive impact on your workplace. It can help keep morale high and also keep your own attention on the good rather than the stressful which can so frequently steal our focus. Some simple, efficient methods of showing appreciation include:

Acknowledgement. Acknowledgement is an easy thing that goes a long way. It can be as small as a handwritten note of thanks, or as big as a shout out on the company's social media platforms, but recognition feels good. It can really boost a team member's productivity to feel valued.

Incentive programs.

Incentives can add a little healthy competition to the workplace - and the more fun the better! Meaning, the incentives don't have to break the bank. They can be small things like a $25 gift card or getting to leave early on a Monday. The motivation comes from feeling appreciated and rewarded, not necessarily from the prize.


A quarterly awards ceremony or team lunch to recognize

achievements help people feel appreciated in a big way. Plus, it's also a great way to cut loose from the norm which makes it feel extra special! I encourage you to begin implementing even small changes that can show your gratitude to your team. You may see your company productivity skyrocket as your staff begins to feel happier, more valued, and motivated to keep the appreciation coming.


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