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Sheeba Varghese Bio


Sheeba Varghese Bio


  • Lead with confidence

  • Expand your influence

  • Develop and empower your direct reports

  • Communicate effectively

  • Grow your competency

Executive/Leadership Coaching


I work with leaders who want to develop and grow in confidence, agility, awareness and leadership essentials so they can expand their influence, communicate effectively, cultivate strong relationships and develop others so they might sustain over time without stress and overwhelm.

- Sheeba Varghese

Do you find yourself saying...

It is hard dealing with people!

I feel like I’m part manager, part psychologist! How do I handle their issues?

I know the key to our success is to make the team as productive as possible – but how?

I feel overwhelmed on a daily basis, always in “crisis mode” – what can I do?

I was close to my peers and suddenly I was promoted. How do I handle that?

How can I be clear and consistent with my message? How can I get buy-in from my team?

How do I give effective feedback so my direct report feels supported?

I have a hard time delegating, but I know I need to because I don't want to have burnout.

How do I manage-up?

The Process



Discovery Call

Discovery Call

During the discovery call, let’s discuss:

  • Your concerns and objectives

  • The coaching process

  • The engagement time frame and cost

Client Engagement

During our time together:

  • Build self-awareness through DiSC profile

  • Receive coaching and training

  • Co-create steps toward progress

Lead with Impact

Lead With Impact

As a result of our engagement, leaders:

  • Grow in confidence

  • Expand in clarity

  • Flow with ease

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Other services for Leadership Development include Training Solutions for Teams and Groups.

Stephen Noel Ilg, Esq. | Employment Atto

Stephen Noel Ilg, Esq. | Employment Attorney

"I hired Sheeba in early 2020 for Leadership Coaching. I had been running my own law firm for five years and had grown comfortable with most aspects of running my own business. However, after years of managing employees and reading over a dozen of the most respected management books, I still felt uncomfortable in my role as a manager of other attorneys. I bought a coaching package from Sheeba for about six sessions, and I am pleased to say that after four sessions, I felt very comfortable in my role as a manager. Her coaching approach is a blend of art and science. It began with a personality assessment for myself and included a similar assessment for my Associate Attorney.

Thanks to Sheeba's guidance, I have made adjustments to how I delegate projects, how I staff cases, and how I interact with my team. When I began working with Sheeba, I told her that managing attorneys felt like a pair of pants that didn't quite fit right for me. After four sessions, I am happy to say I finally feel like I fit into my manager pants.

The changes that came from Sheeba's coaching have already made our team more effective and less stressed. I am confident it will also make the business more profitable in the long run. I highly recommend Sheeba for anyone who wants to improve their management or leadership skills."


- Stephen Noel Ilg


Take the quiz and find out how well you are leading.

Don’t wait until a crisis happens before investing in your leadership development. With personalized coaching and leadership development training, you can minimize your stress and overwhelm, become a better leader and lead with confidence and competence.

Leadership Quiz

How well do you lead?

Sheeba Varghese Bio
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