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3 Strategies to Respond with Agility During Disruptive Times

Leaders, you are being asked to step up in a big way right now. In this world of remote work, you are trying to maintain productivity while also learning to be flexible with the situations many are dealing with at home. Additionally, with the need to pivot the way your business or organization may offer services, you are having to innovate. That’s where response-agility comes in; we need to learn how to respond to these disruptive times with an agility that meets the changing circumstances. “RESPONSE-AGILITY: THE ABILITY TO RESPOND TO DISRUPTIVE TIMES WITH AN AGILITY THAT MEETS THE CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES.” -SHEEBA VARGHESE What are some strategies that will help you to respond with agility at this time and even beyond?

BE VULNERABLE AND SHARE THAT WITH OTHERS. Patrick Lencioni talks about building trust with your team by being vulnerable. In order to do that it will be important for you to take an inventory and check in with yourself first. · How are YOU doing? · What is challenging right now? · What help do you need? · What remains an unknown or uncertain? As you do this with yourself, then be vulnerable and genuine as you share this with your team, your employees, your students, your staff- whomever you consider as your team. I believe, as you develop this as your norm, it will not only be appreciated during this time, but also develop greater levels of trust as you move forward.

CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR TEAM. Now, that you have asked those questions of yourself, shared it with your team, it is time to also ask those questions of your team. This is a stressful and troubling time for many and so make sure to demonstrate genuine care for them, as well. Many that are working remotely are expressing higher levels of busyness than before. There seems to be a lack of delineation from “work-time” to “home time”. Work-life balance has gone out the window as meetings seem to be going from one to another, without a break in between. Fathers and mothers are juggling their work with homeschooling, while others are worrying about their aging parents. And the list goes on and on…. Response-agility is more important than ever before in this dynamic reality. The challenges that your team faced in the office are now amplified in the remote setting as they are trying to figure out how to manage their tasks, their time, and their priorities while facing the uncertain reality. Although there is hardship all around us right now, it is your kindness, intentionality, and appreciation that will be the building blocks to cultivate strong relationships in the midst of these changes. “YOUR KINDNESS, INTENTIONALITY, AND APPRECIATION ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS TO FORM AND CULTIVATE STRONG RELATIONSHIPS IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE.” -SHEEBA VARGHESE CONSIDER YOUR OPPORTUNITIES. In this new normal, some outside-the-box thinking is inevitable – and that’s a good thing! Maybe you have a chance to modify your business model or pivot to prioritize your business focus to meet the current demands. There could be a possible collaboration that you haven’t seen before that could be really helpful during this time. Perhaps, there are complimentary services or lower cost offers your business or organization can provide in order to serve a need. Consider the personal opportunities that are available to you. With sheltering in place, and limited places you can go, is there an opportunity for you to get quiet and reflect on the following questions: What have I always wanted to try out/explore? What am I curious about? What has been on the back-burner and needs to be brought forward at this time? If you are a business owner and things have slowed down, consider this time as an opportunity to: · Update your website or social media · Educate yourself through online learning · Create resources such as e-books or video tutorials · Review your business systems and processes In the midst of every challenge in life, lies an opportunity waiting to emerge. Respond with agility by utilizing this time to find out what that might be for you. “IN THE MIDST OF EVERY CHALLENGE IN LIFE, LIES AN OPPORTUNITY WAITING TO EMERGE.” -SHEEBA VARGHESE Leaders, these are just 3 strategies. What else might you add to this list? I encourage you to review the strategies above. Write down one action step that you can take to respond with agility today.


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