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Creating Productive Teams

When you are in a management position, you are faced regularly with deadlines, profit objectives, and other requirements for running a successful business or department

. One of the greatest challenges that leaders face is to not let the pressure to perform impact how they treat the members of their team.

The art of creating a team that is consistently productive is far more nuanced than providing a goal and hoping that your team members will step up to meet it without any encouragement or support from you, or with the threat of harsh criticism if they fail.

A team is made up of people. And people have self-esteem, fluctuating moods, and different strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few tips for how to keep the people on your team productive and thriving.

People want a sense of belonging.

People need to know how their work fits into a larger picture. Clarifying the purpose and setting the vision is not a one-time communication. It has to be re-iterated in your meetings and within the tasks that are delegated.

People need autonomy.

Try to fight the urge to micromanage. You want to give your team members room to be more involved in the planning of the tasks that impact their performance. However, without being invasive, you should offer feedback - both positive and constructive - that can guide them.

Effective processes are powerful for people.

Having systems in place for meetings and regular check-ins helps your team members feel stable and can lead to faster, more efficient collaboration than the email culture we routinely fall into. Keeping meetings short and action-oriented will help them stay focused.


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