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Embrace Change

Fall reminds me of all the things that begin to change outside in nature and inside my home. My husband usually knows this only too well as I bring in the decor that reflects the fall season.

In the services I provide to my clients, I am often reminded of the changes they are also going through during this time. Some companies focus on prioritizing their goals for the second part of the year, businesses consider changes in products that reflect consumer demands, leaders consider how to

transition to a new career, perhaps, and the list goes on. These types of discussions often come up during training with a group or a 1-1 conversation with a client.

With change comes uncertainty. And uncertainty does not feel good to many people. However, change is the catalyst that pushes us beyond our comfort zone. It reminds us of what we know and what is still left to learn and explore.

One of the biggest changes for any leader I support is their decision to make a change in their career. These decisions are not often impulsive and take enormous energy and time. If you are feeling any of these, then you should consider making a change!


An internal motivator for many is the challenges that they experience. I will tell you that for myself, on a given day, I am totally fine without another challenge :). Yet, many thrive on a challenge in life. If your job has become too mundane for you, and opportunities are not available so you can be challenged, then this might be a reason to search for a new role in the company or elsewhere.


Life can change over the years, and sometimes our priorities shift. After the pandemic, the priority for many changed. Defining moments in our lives will affect us in more ways than one. This happened to me when my parents passed away, and it reminded me to be purposeful in my focus.


If you continue to experience a toxic work environment, this will eventually spill into the quality of your work and your personal life. You even begin to question your competence after a while. I have seen too many leaders drained after experiencing this type of environment. Allow this type of experience to inform you of questions you can ask during the interview process.

Change in our lives is inevitable. I have just shared a short list of the various reasons that might catalyze your change. Although uncertainty can exist, this is when I thank God for my faith, knowing all will work out even when it doesn't seem to line up with my expectations. Embrace change and take one step at a time.


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