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Minimize Conflict with Effective Communication

As long as you are living, working, and dealing with other people, conflict will certainly arise. And there is nothing wrong about that. It is healthy for disagreements to occur. This is how we grow and de

elop. The key is around how you handle those times of discord.

Anyone can address conflict if you have the understanding on why conflicts occur, habits that can lead to conflict and the understanding of personalities that help to support effective communication.

Effective communication can:

Help people feel heard. There are specific verbal skills you can use to not only help you tune into what the other person is saying, but convey to them that you are really listening. If you focus as much on creating dialogue as you do on delivering your own message, you’re much more likely to make an impact.

Pose new ideas in a way to which people are receptive. Be concise, be sincere, and know your audience. It’s human nature to question and resist, and this is especially true during conflict. Limit the fancy jargon. Simple, clear language is best.

Acknowledge the values of others. Often conflicts arise because there is a value that is being dishonored. And instead of acknowledging that value, we tend to be drawn into the drama of the moment without taking a pause to consider what is truly being said underneath all the noise.

These are just a few of the benefits of effective communication. I am sure you can think of many more. The important factor to remember is that communication is a life long skill that we have the opportunity to develop in. It is not something that is perfected overnight and yet to thrive in your leadership, effective communication will minimize conflicts around you.


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