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Helping You To Become A Better Leader (4

Helping You To 

Become A Better Leader



Learn Leadership Essentials 

Lead With Confidence 

Make An Impact

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3 Ways to Work Together

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One-on-One Review Meeting

Become a better leader.


Build a cohesive team.


Improve your coaching skills.


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Confidence, Clarity, And Ease - Book cover for Amazon..jpg

Confidence, Clarity & Ease
A Guide For Emerging Leaders To Thrive

Often people are promoted to levels of leadership because of their technical skills. However, it takes more than your competence to lead. It requires technical skills and soft skills - human skills. It requires you to communicate effectively, to build trust, to be agile in an ever-changing climate while being committed to learning and growth.


This guide is for first time leaders, emerging leaders, or anyone who finds themselves stressed out with the various personalities on their team.  Learn practical strategies to expand your influence, minimize your frustration, lead with more confidence, clarity and ease in this new modern workplace.

Managing and leading people is hard!

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When you are managing and leading others, especially if you are doing this remotely, you face a unique set of challenges. From communicating effectively to giving constructive feedback while trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance, it can feel overwhelming and stressful. And the last thing you want to do is to worry about if you have what it takes to manage and lead well.

What happens when you don't get the leadership training or coaching support?

Avoid stress and burnout at work

Burnout and Stress




Unfocused Goals & Priorities


Productivity Decreases


Conflict Prone


Work Too Many Hours


High Turnover

Dysfunctional Team

Dysfunctional Teams

3 Keys To Great Leadership

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You may be a first-time manager, an emerging leader, or an established leader within a business or organization. 

Regardless of your title, leadership involves some level of impact on others. It is important for each of us to take an inventory of how well we are leading within our spheres of influence. 


In an ever-changing world, it is important for us to be self-aware, continuously have a learning and growth mindset which then creates impact on others. You can lead well within your spheres of influence!


Identify Your Blind Spots


Are you aware of how you are showing up everyday?

How does that impact others, your team?

What needs to change? 

How are you being perceived by those around you?

What are patterns that are impacting your leadership?

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Cultivate Strong Relationships


In order to transition from simply managing every day, you will have to begin to understand those around you.


Additionally,  you must take the time to develop those around you so that they are empowered and you can sustain over time.

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Learn Leadership Essentials


There are essentials that are important for every leader to know. I would say they are the foundational pieces of leadership that will help to enhance your leadership skills: emotional intelligence, communication skills, delegation, etc.

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A Leadership Trainer & Executive Coach

to Partner with You

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Having worked with leaders at all levels and in various industries, I am not just another coach, but a Leadership Trainer and an Executive Coach that has partnered with first time managers, emerging leaders, established leaders, dysfunctional teams, and those feeling alone and questioning whether they had what it took to even be a leader.


I understand the position that many of you are in as you deal with the demands of direct reports, upper management, while trying to keep it all together in this crazy time we have been in.  

Together, let’s identify those blind spots, determine ways to cultivate strong relationships and learn the essentials of leadership so you can successfully navigate the personalities, drama and challenges of leading people without stress and overwhelm.

Top IAOTP Leadership Trainer of the Year
Paul Julch Testimonial

Paul Julch, Urbanite|Suburbanite

If you’re looking for an executive coach that can take your leadership skills to the next level, you must contact Sheeba Varghese! Sheeba can enhance the leadership skills & presence of a few key executives on your team or your entire management staff. She’ll work with your company to build management confidence around daily projects and key initiatives, while focusing on individual development. She’s an engaging speaker with a keen sense of what works for teams at all levels, and is adept at training in various industries. Contact Sheeba to up level you, your team’s, or your company’s performance - you won’t be disappointed.

How It Works

Discovery Call

Each client is unique and so are your needs. Through a discovery call, I evaluate your needs.

I evaluate the needs, objectives and outcomes that you desire to accomplish.

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Together we identify the outcomes, areas of development, and the working timeframe that would support your growth as a leader.

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Engage The Process

Now, it is time to engage in the process that allows you to understand personalities, learn tools to communicate effectively, develop strong interpersonal skills, build relationships, and develop others so you can thrive with confidence and competence.

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Lead With Confidence

Clarity And Ease


In an ever-changing culture, you are truly facing unique challenges as a leader.

You are not alone. You can lead well. Men and women like yourself have been able to learn how they show up everyday, how it affects their team, learn the leadership essentials to manage and lead with confidence and competency by working with Coach Sheeba. 


She has heard from many who have shared that they are great at their skills, but dealing with people has become such a stressor for them and especially in these times of remote work. 


Having the privilege of being a Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach, she has helped leaders to bridge the gap from simply managing day-to-day to becoming exceptional leaders who architect change, innovation and sustainable excellence.

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Invest In Your
Development And Growth

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I know you might feel, “Why should I hire a coach? Shouldn’t I already know all these things?” Well the best of the best work with coaches to become more effective in their craft. So, the real question is:  “What is it costing you, your team, business or organization if you continue to be stressed, productivity decreases, turnover increases and your teams are not engaged?”

What do you want to do?


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Leadership Training

1:1  Leadership Coaching

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Be A Better Leader

  • Lead with confidence

  • Expand your influence

  • Develop and empower your direct reports

  • Communicate effectively

  • Grow your competency

How to build a cohesive team

Team/Group Training


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Build A Cohesive Team

  • Invite productive conflict

  • Build trust and accountability

  • Cultivate strong relationships

  • Increase productivity

  • Encourage collaboration

How to improve your coaching with mentor

ICF Mentor


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Improve Your Coaching Skills

  • Practice your coaching skills

  • Develop your skills

  • Coach with confidence

  • Build your toolbox

  • Apply or Renew your ACC/PCC Credential

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